Crossing Cultures: Why Italiano?

Festa Italiana is here, but why Italiano?

Festa Italiana Manchester returns to Cathedral Gardens Manchester this Bank Holiday weekend (25-27 August).

We would be there, selling our full range of biscotti and other sweet treats and we will have a selection of our products that are gluten free and suitable for vegan diets.

We also have an exclusive, Festa give away prize up for grabs, to win a of three months supply of our biscuits and the launch of a new subscription service, which we will be live on our website within the next couple of weeks.

We are pleased to say that preparations for the UK's largest free to enter Italian festival are well underway, and the team behind staging this years event, are promising the best Festa yet.

There will be live music, celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, pasta making workshops and of course a fantastic selection of the finest Italian food, Manchester has to offer.

Crossing Cultures:

A question that I am often asked, and one that I am sure will pop up many times during the Festa is, 'why  is an Englishman, with no known Italian heritage, dedicate his life to making Italian biscuits?'

The answer is a simple one and is at the heart of why Prendi il Biscotto was founded. 

As a child, my senses was profoundly captivated, traveling throughout Italy with my family, visiting ancient places, meeting new people and sampling exciting food.

At Prendi il Biscotto, we believe food has the remarkable ability to tell stories and connect cultures. Every bite of one of our biscuits is a journey that begins in the sunny climate of the Mediterranean and ends in the cosy comfort of a British teatime treat. 

We believe that through our treats, we're sharing not just biscuits, but stories, traditions, and a taste of the world beyond our local confines. 

The blend of British and Italian flavours that characterise our biscotto is a testament to our belief that, the beauty of food, lies in its ability to cross borders, to mix and match, to create something new from the old, something exciting from the familiar.

And so, while it might seem odd to find a Mancunian engrossed in the art of making Italian biscuits, it's actually a testament to the universal love of good food. Prendi il Biscotto is more than just a bakery - it's a meeting point of cultures, a labour of love, and a tribute to the age-old tradition of sharing and enjoying good food.

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